Sinus and Bone Grafting

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The success of a dental implant is largely dependent on the condition of the bone at the site of the implant. Unfortunately, injury or periodontal disease can cause bone loss in the jaw. In addition, bone loss can occur naturally at the site of a lost tooth, which is why it is important to replace missing teeth soon after they are lost.

There are several different bone grafting techniques, as well as an array of high-tech materials that have made the procedure more successful than ever. Regardless of which tools are used, though, the goal of bone grafting is the same: to replace lost bone, or to add to existing bone, in order to give sufficient structural support to a dental implant.
In some cases, our periodontist can recognize the need for bone grafting surgery during the preoperative examination of a patient who is considering dental implants. In other cases, the need for bone grafting does not become clear until dental implant surgery has begun. Whatever the case, we make sure that our patients are educated at every step of the procedure so that they can make informed decisions and receive dental implants they can enjoy for life.

Sinus Grafting
In some situations, a periodontist might find that a patient’s sinus cavity intrudes on the area where a dental implant needs to be placed. Sinus cavities, which are hollow pockets of air located within the bones of the skull, do not provide sufficient support for dental implants; therefore, a periodontist may place bone or material that stimulates bone growth at the site so that the dental implant can have a strong foundation. There are several methods of preparing the sinuses for a dental implant, but all require a waiting period while the bone graft grows and becomes solid enough to withstand biting and chewing forces over the long term.
Periodontist Charles Adelson has served the Fort Lauderdale, South Florida area for years. He is committed to placing dental implants that are beautiful and can last a lifetime. In cases where bone or sinus grafting is necessary for dental implant surgery, we urge patients to focus on the end goal: a beautiful, fully functional smile that will give them increased confidence and quality of life.


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