As a culture we value the smile – it’s something we are told we’re not fully dressed without, and said to be the greatest defense against all that’s bad in the world. We are told to smile big even when we don’t feel like it and smile bigger when we do feel like it.

Comedian Charlie Chaplin said that life is worthwhile when there’s a smile, and Mother Teresa called a smile the beginning of love.

Though the animal kingdom may consider showing all your teeth a sign of aggression, to humankind, a big, toothy grin is a perfect complement to give or receive. Employment experts will tell you that a strong smile is even more important than a handshake and eye contact when interviewing.

Unfortunately, there are those who are embarrassed to let the world see their smile. They could be unhappy with the condition of their teeth – maybe they’re poorly aligned, discolored or have missing spots. People learn how to adapt by not showing any teeth when smiling or covering up their mouths when they laugh.

As dental professionals, we love nothing more than letting the world see the beautiful person we know you are, starting with your smile.

That’s why we offer an Extreme Smile Makeover which can make everything you don’t like about your grin go away. Before long, you’ll be brightening the world – and your self-esteem as well – with your super smile.

Here are some of the services available that can help transform your smile from something secret to something you’re proud of:

  • Teeth Whitening: The fun things we do in life can take a toll on our teeth. Coffee, tea, wine can all contribute to our teeth not being as radiant as we’d like them to be. Cigarette smoking can also do damage, even though we haven’t had a puff for years. A professional whitening system will make your teeth white again. Results vary, but on average, one treatment is said to make your teeth three to eight shades whiter.
  • Dental implants: If you have missing teeth, such as some in the front, implants can help fill in these noticeable gaps. Today’s implants are durable and look just like your other teeth. They are also topped with porcelain or all ceramic crowns and secured with titanium posts, so once they’re in place, they’re not going anywhere.
  • Cosmetic services: Beyond helping make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy, we offer a variety of other treatments that can improve their look such as gum lifts, which raise and sculpt the gum line; or veneers, which are custom-made laminates that bond to the teeth and conceal gaps or discolorations.

Getting started is as easy as making an appointment for a complimentary consultation at the Adelson Institute, a renowned facility for cosmetic dentistry Fort Lauderdale has to offer. We’ll perform a “smile evaluation” based on the shape of your face and show your potential.