Zoom Teeth Whitening Services in Fort Lauderale & Tamarac


Coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine, medications, and a multitude of other substances can stain teeth, diminishing the beauty of the smile. Fortunately, there are solutions. As fans of ABC’s ‘‘Extreme Makeover” television program know, ZOOM!® teeth whitening is capable of producing stunning results. This type of professional teeth whitening takes just an hour in our office and can whiten the patient’s teeth by up to 12 shades. Since ZOOM!® teeth whitening is safe, convenient, and effective, it’s no wonder that it is a favorite treatment among patients seeking instant smile makeovers!

ZOOM!® teeth whitening is one of the most respected physician-supervised teeth whitening system brands. Offered at our Fort Lauderdale area practice, ZOOM!® teeth whitening is favored by many dentists because it does not affect the structure of the tooth enamel as it safely lifts stains using a hydrogen peroxide gel and a special light. Better yet, patients can easily make the stunning results last by maintaining them with take-home teeth whitening products.

Another benefit of ZOOM!® teeth whitening is its versatility. It is convenient enough to be used as an instant smile enhancement before any wedding, graduation, or other special occasion. Teeth whitening is also frequently a component of comprehensive smile makeovers in which several techniques — such as dental implants, all-porcelain crowns, and porcelain veneers — are combined to improve many aspects of the smile.

At your cosmetic dentistry consultation, our dentists can speak with you about how teeth whitening can help you. Please contact our Fort Lauderdale area cosmetic dentists today to learn more about ZOOM!® teeth whitening or to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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